Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Panic of the day

This is my baby boy and his wife, Karmy.  They have been in Argentina YWAM for the past 6 months. They are en route to Panama and Alan emailed me from Chili to let me know they would be in Panama City the next day but that he had passed out at the baggage check point ... he said next thing he knew he was being carried out into the infirmary but he was fine. Thats all I got from him and then the next day I saw the number calling me was from Panama so I picked up the phone and said "ALAN!!" but it wasn't Alan at all...no. It was somebody speaking Spanish and I couldn't understand anything they said...nothing... very disappointing seeing as I took a college Spanish course a few months ago and have Rosetta Stone and think I know something ...I know words but as rapidly as the guy was talking all I could understand was that he said he was the family of Karmy. When I told him 'No Espanol'...he sighed and hung up.  So then I'm thinking the very very very worst.... Alan is laying near death in a hospital and they can't even tell me because I don't speak Spanish and obviously nobody speaks English ... I called my mom and we both just bawled and cried because Alan was obviously not well and maybe worse and we are a billion miles away  .... I got an International phone card, did an emergency call to Tiffany at her work because she can speak the language and gave her the number and told her to call it and find out... turns out it was Karmy's parents house but they had NO idea who called....they said that Alan was fine, Karmy and Elias all fine.... ???? I felt like I was given a new lease on life...I was suddenly happy again.  :)   But it still remains a mystery as to who called us and why.  
The newest angel in the house.  6 months old...he was trying to pull down everything on the tree and the shades. :)  Probably the easiest baby we have had...well second easiest. Katie was by far the easiest. 
I just love this picture. I don't know why. But seeing shoes lined up in a little row of different sizes and even personality just makes me all warm and fuzzy feeling. :)   
Christmas Morning!  :)
If you have never seen this video,its called "The Bridge"....Only 2 minutes but, I bet it will make you cry or smile or something.... its about a man and his son.... gives you an idea of God and Jesus and His love for mankind.... all of mankind.  Lemme know what you think.