Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We  traveled to visit Alan, Karmy and the two little ones this July in Chiriqui, Panama.  I'd give a pinky to be able to go stay and live in the mountains up there.  There are so many  people who live in little huts deeply buried in the mountains that do not have medical care. They do not know anything about God, Jesus or even the United States of America.
We went with two church groups.....traveled there with the Cottonwood Creek Baptist Young Adult group and left with the Faith Fellowship of Lucas,TX group. This was because I wanted to stay a month and didn't want to come back alone.
I was able to go into the mountains and visit the Ngobe two times.  The little group that welcomes us actually has a YWAM hut.  Its been evangelized and they work hard to spread the Joy of Jesus Christ to those around. 

A very memorable time for me was when we went to one little hut and there was a dying man there....well....it was the middle of the day, hot and he was curled up on a sick bed in a blanket and coughing really badly ....he also looked somewhat yellow.  There was a little child in the same condition next to him. 
A girl from the church began telling him the story of Christ and it was interpreted by someone else.  It was just a simple little part to share via of all things an Evangy cube... never seen one before...has a little cube with pictures on it....almost cartoonish... but, she went through the cube and it was interpreted and the man began to sob and quietly as he could he cried and sobbed. Tears filled his face and the obvious presence of God filled the air. The atmosphere changed.  Everyone felt it.
Undeniable.  The  man, who has  not been exposed to doctrines...he hasn't been ever told this is what you do out of fear or trying to be good...it was just the simple truth from a little Evangelical Cube relayed by a 17 year old girl.  And the man said yes.  Yes.  And everything changed for him in that moment. I was never afforded the opportunity to get to go back on that trip so I don;t know if he died or recovered or what happened to him or his child.  I tried to tell my peers where the hut was but, how to do that was difficult... a hut in the mountains down non existent roads. Cross a river, go under a fence of sorts.
But, I do know its like searching for the Pearls of great cost.... to be able to be out there for a long period of time and just go seeking for people who do not know God. 

This just confirms to me that there are so many places reachable and unreachable and no one is there full time... no one is able to devote time to go and stay and work at it wholly in many places.  For many reasons.  But they are out there.  The Harvest is Ripe.