Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Knife Hostage

I accidentally brought this knife home from my parents house on Christmas day. It was in one of my food things I brought back home. Its a nice knife. I mean... honestly...I buy dollar knives... ones you get at Walmart or Dollar General and not because I can't actually afford a nice knife set but because I just don't buy nice things most of the time...if its functional and a dollar, I'm happy.... but wow, this is a nice knife. Its all shiny, sharp and pretty. The whole family, including Annah...they all see this super nice knife in the utensil drawer and they realize its not ours...its out of place...its nice... I know that I have to give it back to my parents. I can't just keep it and pretend its mine... everytime I cut bread with it I would know its not really mine. But its so nice. Therefore, I sent them an email as depicted in the picture....... I hope they don't really do a drop off because I'd really like to keep the knife. :)

And as for the bread, its a yummy seed bread that I made this morning using flax seed,pumkin and sunflower seeds. The recipe does not call for pumkin seeds but, I mixed half and half during the knead cycle.

"The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones, You shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail." Isaiah 58:11

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oldies & The Bible Experience CD

Tiffany found this in the barn.... so its kinda crusty and icky but, it was our first Mobile phone...isn't it a hoot!!!! And the battery lasted like what.... 4 hours? We had these huge honking battery chargers that looked like shoe boxes in the car. But we were happening right? :)

Annah declared that she wanted someone to sit in her lap.... she is always parking in one of our laps so she wanted to be the giver this time... the resting place...the place of comfort. :)

The Bible Experience is an AMAZING dramatic audio bible on CD or MP3.... it has a ton of actors in it such as Denzel Washington...and when you listen to it, you have sound effects in the background...such as it might sound in Jerusalem with people talking in the background and donkeys is a really neat sample..Click here.

And this is about 10 minutes long but its a Youtube clip about it . I am getting for our son Alan for his birthday...which is Jan.1rst. :) He was a New Years baby!!! He was actually the first new years baby in Arlington... 1985 !!! I was of course extremely young when he was born. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Show me the money

My dad loves to save up his spare change and pass it along to Annah on special occasions...such as Christmas... here she is counting up the coins with Paul (she had to put on her play glasses to look like daddy)... it came to 35 dollars and some odd cents.
I am amazed my dad even gets that much change...these days its so so... cashless.... how does one acquire so much change when one uses debit cards all the time???

Did you know "Do not be afraid" appears 365 times in the Bible. Same amount of days in a year. :-)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ending up 2009

I hope your Christmas was joyful and happy! Ending up 2009 has been full of different emotions from sorrow due to death of a loved one, several regrets that I personally have and joy that bubbles from the love of God and extreme gratefulness to His great kindness and mercy. Its SO great.

Christmas Eve, Annah saw our little terrier mix catch a cardinal and then gently put her down. The cardinal was in shock so I picked her up until she could feel like flying again. This happens frequently at our house as seen below this Summer when I acted like a real dork when one flew into our window... goofy goofy goofy.

So, I brought home this delightful Gingerbread house maker and when Tiffany and Annah opened it up it was all in bits and pieces and more bits and pieces but, I am amazed at how they took those pieces and crumbs and made something that still resembles a Gingerbread house...!

It snowed. I didn't get a picture because sadly I was sick. I was really really really sick and I probably infected my entire family... as I type, Paul is in bed with chills and sick sick sick...I am better...but, here is mom and Tiffany all bundled up to go out into to the snow. It snowed Christmas Eve and we absolutely had an amazing white Christmas right here in North
Texas.... unbelievable...absolutely incredible. We thanked God for the thrill of the snow to celebrate Jesus! I found it to be a hug from God...thats how I saw it. :)
And, like I said...I was sick. I fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the movie "UP".... Annah, who was also not feeling good, crawled on my back and fell asleep.
My mom painted this spectacular picture of Annah and her friend Angela from a photo I had of them playing the piano. My mom doesn't typically enjoy painting faces but, she did an amazing job of Annah and her hands... I just love it!

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Looking around

My son called me from Guatemala last night. He is there with YWAM ( Youth with a Mission - not just youth anymore but all ages.) on an outreach. He is there with his wife and 2 year old son and others. The area they are in is devastated by crime and poverty. He said that a young girl was brutally raped by 4 guys and another group went after them and burned them police intervention at all. They just turned their backs.

He was telling me his wife had gone into a hospital for ministry that day and there were 2 infant girls who had been abandoned. While many babies are adopted from Guatemala, I wonder if there are areas that are more remote like in the Panama jungles where babies are born unwanted and never end up in an orphanage.

In the Volcan,Panama area, this area would greatly benefit from an orphanage as many children live in the jungles who are unwanted, need medical attention and are starving. Alan told me if a mother has an infant she does not or can not care for, she leaves it in the hut of someone she hopes will care for the baby. If they can not, they leave it in a hut... one YWAM leader has gone into the jungle on medical help... to provide medical help to the Gyuami Indians and she said young mothers have literally tried to give her their babies.

Life sure does have lots and lots and lots of areas of needs to be filled doesn't it. Every corner of this earth cries for help in one form or another whether its in another country or right next door.
I just ask God to make me be in the place where I can be most effective. To forget about what I have plans for ... my plans are surely self centered ... I want to be where He wants me to be and I pray He wants me to be somewhere.... here, there, over hear or over there or wherever... I just want to be in that place and not just living life for me and doing what I can on the side....sometimes thats how I I'm going along doing things that are for me and my family and throwing in goodness as it fits into my world... sometimes I just want to be dramatic and sell it all, abandon it all and hit the jungles of Panama.... okay, the end for now. :)

Amazing Coincendence..

In the 1920s, three Englishman were traveling separately by train through Peru. At the time of their introduction, they were the only three men in the railroad car. Their introductions were more surprising than they could have imagined. One man's last name was Bingham, and the second man's last name was Powell. The third man announced that his last name was Bingham-Powell. None were related in any way.

Do you think this is a typo...its an ad in the classifieds: Fully cooked boneless smoked man - $2.09 lb.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 47 years!!!!

Love you both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The fear of Santa

We were at "Breakfast with Santa" and although Annah realizes he is just a man dressed up in a suite...she refused to get near him. We make Santa fun, not real. :) I thought maybe if I got my picture snapped with him she would see all is well but she would not budge until........
Daddy got in the picture...but as you can tell by her facial expression.... she's not so sure about the whole thing.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baking makes me tired

I've been so busy baking peppermint fudge and sugar cookies that I'm plum exhausted by my efforts. And, it sure taste "WHOO".... seriously. Forget mints, just pop in some of this fudge. I ended up crushing the peppermint in a coffee grinder so it came out less crushed and more powdered, probably made a difference in the texture but, if you like peppermint you would probably like this stuff. It was super easy to make, easiest fudge I've ever made.
I am going to do the same recipe but use chocolate baking chips for Chocolate peppermint fudge AND add nuts and hopefully it will look just like the picture! :)

I love this song and I love Fernando Ortega's voice. The below video is the one he did for Ruth Graham's tribute in 2007 but, I just now saw it. Beautiful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thrify Frosty,New Tree & Homelessness

This is Frosty-of course. :) I found Frosty at the Dollar Store. Doesn't looking at him just make you smile?

We gave away our 20 year old 7 Ft Christmas tree for this little scrappy Charlie brown type tree already lighted. We have such limited space in our itty bitty tree house cabin and this is definitely a space saver.

Did you know: That in the 1840s, Christmas trees were considered a "pagan mockery" of the sacred day, and you could be fined for so much as singing a Christmas carol or hanging an evergreen bough, let alone decorating an entire tree.

Christmas trees as we know them today actually originated in Germany in the 16th century and were brought to the United States by the German settlers of Pennsylvania during the 1800s. It wasn't until the 1890s that Christmas trees -- and Christmas tree ornaments -- became a part of the traditional American Christmas.

The first Christmas tree lights were mass produced in 1890. German-American immigrants used to decorate their trees with apples, nuts and marzipan cookies.

When I was at the homeless shelter this week a woman came in. I asked her if I could help her assuming she was there to volunteer or donate. She was a classy looking woman probably in her early 50's and my initial judgment on her would be that she was there to donate or want to help, not homeless. But, she was there seeking shelter.

Sadly, there was no room at the Inn. None. She looked so hopeless when I told her but she tried to keep a smile on her face, she tried to be positive and cheerful only her eyes read sorrow and tired. She proceeded to tell me she was staying in a cheap motel with lots of noise and she had been up all night unable to sleep. Her funds were running out and she was going to be left to face the streets. I continued to tell her to please keep checking back as people leave daily and its first come first serve,she wearily told me she would keep checking.

As she was leaving she turned to me and said, "I used to do what your doing. I used to volunteer in a homeless shelter when I was younger. I used to be you."

That tugged at my heart....probably caused an involuntary twitch..... what kind of series of events could lead any of us to homelessness?

Off to do my day..... I am wanting to make a big platter of frosted sugar cookies. I have to make a test batch to consume before I make any to give, its the right thing to do. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Plug Head - Inside Out

Children can be so creative! Who needs bath toys, just pull out the stopper and stick it to your head. :)

Last night I had errands to run before church.
I went to Kroger, Blockbuster etc.... As I entered into our home church I was delightfully greeted. Then a moment of silence as Kyley said to me "Libby, do you know your sweater is on inside out?" I said... "Nuh uh". She said "Uh huh". I've recreated this moment specifically for my blog...hopefully my hair didn't look as much as mess as it does in the picture because having a sweater on inside out is truly enough.

And gosh, are my ears really that big????

Have a happy Sunday full of bubbles and sunshine, mercy, grace and laughter!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Birth moms and Spanish Courses

I did a public search for Annah's birth mom... I twitch a bit when I use the word 'mom' but, when I watch all those Locator shows with Troy Dunn and such, they always say "Hi I'm your mom"...or "I'm your REAL mom"... Not sure how I feel about I would be the fake mom? LOL :-) But still, I guess it just amazes me at how natural that just comes...for the birth parent after 18 or more years to automatically fall into the role of addressing themselves as the real mom or real dad... I think its just the way the brain is wired... if you have created them, you are, no matter what, their 'real mom' and the one who raised them is like the substitute teacher or something. I guess I watch to many of those shows...
Anyhooos, after 4 years I found her. She's locked up so, an address was easy. I printed out pictures of Annah and sent her a letter letting her know Annah is happy and healthy. Paul was hesitant asking me why I would do that when she may not even care... I said...of course she cares. The part of her that may not care is the drugs but the mother in her will always care and she hasn't seen Annah since she was 3 months old and I'm sure she has moments of thinking about her...I just want her to know she is okay and I felt very strongly about it.
I did not include any family pictures...just of Annah.
I also explained to her we changed her name as Regina did not name her Annah but rather "Ruby". I did not include a return address or email or any such contact information. I figure if she wanted to seek me out she could always contact our past caseworker. I'm not closed to contact but I am not certain or sure about it. I was sure about the letter and the need to let her know Annah is okay...but thats the extend of it for now.

I did it. I enrolled in a Beginner Spanish Class at the local college.
At first I thought...gosh, I'm probably to advanced for this class. ( hysterical laughter )... but Tiffany assured me I would benefit. I have decided I will take every single Spanish course offered. I think there are about 8.

On the other hand, I only have 2 other courses to take to acquire an Associates of Arts degree. All the online courses were taken. Can you believe it? I even registered early. I will try again for Summer.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hit and Run Update - Another Easiest Apple Pie Recipe

*Update Hit and Run Doggy* (Click to read part ONE *** Click for Part TWO)
I know this looks encouraging and it is but its also not so encouraging because see her bended paw in this picture???...this is indication of severe nerve damage. If it is just bent nerves then they may heal, if its severed then in most cases the paw gets odd sensations due to death of the nerves and atrophy of muscles that the dog begins to eat its own paw and because there is no feeling at all in the paw, they drag it and it gets sores and infected etc... (I'm looking into dog boots).... the deal is, most of the time if its a severed nerve then the leg has to be amputated. This little doggy is right here in this picture only using 2 legs and then she hobbles on that paw and drags the fore part as stability. She can get up on her own but not easily and doesn't really attempt it yet. I am still carrying her outside and I place her standing and she is walking a good bit on it if I place standing. If the leg is amputated she would only have 2 legs. They amputate due to the extreme discomfort it brings the dog. Most dogs do fine on 3 legs but this would leave her with 2 legs. So, I'm just hoping its not a severed nerve but just some bent ones because as you can see, she has come so far!!!!

How many pie recipes can one blog have? I just HAVE to share the most easy apple pie recipe ever known to the human race. I mean, this pie was as easy as opening up a can of apples and pouring it in. I'm so serious.

The crust, though Pillsbury refrigerated taste as flaky and homemade as if I'd rolled it myself because of the final glazing touch.

All you do is roll out your bottom pie pastry shell. Next peel (the hardest part but no harder than fighting with a can opener.....) 7 small baking apples or 3 or 4 larger apples. Slice em up.
Pour em in a bowl and throw over them about 1/2 cup sugar or less .... with 1 TBSP cinnamon, mix em all up and together and then pour into your bottom pie shell. Melt a TBSP or two of real butter, stir in 1 or so tsps sugar and cinnamon and then pour over your apples in the shell. Put your top shell on. Next, take milk and sugar and brush over the top of the crust and on the edges. This took over an hour to bake but, check on it because it probably depends on your oven. I believe this is so healthy that you can perhaps eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner...due to the apples and all.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuck in my Hoodie

Getting dressed this morning I got stuck.

Learn from my mistakes... Put on your Hoodie First and then your hat. :)

“You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.”- Dr. Seuss