Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Space bag wardrobe and other stuff

I am packed up. Ready to fly away to Costa Rica for almost a month. I leave on Friday. Hopefully I will be able to blog "buh bye" tomorrow before I go! I'll be back in late August.
The thing is, my entire wardrobe.... mostly and definitely seriously, can fit into 2 size Large Space bags-have the air sucked out of and fit into one suitcase.  Can you even imagine being able to fit almost your entire wardrobe into 2 Large Space bags????
Here is my way cool Vibram Five Finger jogging shoe tan line.   This is all from jogging from the early hours of 8:30 am to 10:00 am.  Even though the sun doesn't feel officially out I am typically drenched in sweat and go through about 3 water bottles during that time even though it is so early in the morning.
Annah had to have her hair extensions re-done so when we took the old ones out, she graciously fixed Tiffany's hair with her extensions. 

"Oh Lord, purify my soul from all its stains. Warm my heart with your love.  Animate my sluggish nature and fix my inconsistency and volatility that I may not be weary in well doing. - William Wilborforce.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A moment to chat! :-)

This is MarJane. She is our new pet. She doesn't realize she is our pet but, we now call her our pet raccoon.   We put a bowl of goodies out for her daily, call her name and then wait for her to come out from under her little home area. She seems to always respond to us calling her and ventures out.   Raccoons are part of the bear family.   They are extremely intelligent even being able to unlock things, open doors and gates etc..
 Our new home. Barbie World.  Barbies and cars and Barbie horses, animals, all over the house, every inch of it.  Annah goes in spurts of what she plays with and currently its the land of Barbies. Many of them are missing feet because she chews them off??? What???

 On our way home yesterday Annah and I picked up a one legged man named Lonnie.  I have no idea what his story is. Maybe next time I'll ask.   He doesn't seem to have teeth or a tounge either so he can't talk, he writes things down in a notebook.  He seemed more worried about getting in our car than we did picking him up. He seemed very concerned that we might not  get him home, almost afraid.  I had picked him up before in the winter time in a different car and he was all bundled up and I assumed he was maybe a Vet  but this time when he looked at me I would almost think he was early 30's.  He was walking home very slowly on his crutches in the scorching heat wearing sweat pants of all things.  I wished I had had some cold water to give him but I didn't.  Lonnie looks, appearance wise,  like he would be homeless but he does have a house we drop him off at.  I worried about him alot yesterday and still today.  I worry because are people nice to him? Why was he walking?  Didn't someone love him enough to not have him walking in over 100 degree weather with obvious pain and only one leg?  Its one thing to be limited in limbs and other things and to be surrounded by the latest greatest medical technology to help you along and to have family that loves you to help you but, what about those people who are not able to do much for themselves and they are just left to themselves and treated as burdens?  Fortunately for Lonnie it seems he does have a home to go into.  He looks very scrappy, like he isn't very well cared for but,atleast he isn't on the streets.  I believe that heaven is such a place for those like Lonnie.  When we dropped him off he said "God bless you"....granted, like I said, he can't talk because he doesn't seem to have a tounge but, I understood what he was saying and I felt completely blessed.  

"An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle" - Dr. Francis Crick, Noble Prize winning scientist credited with codiscovering DNA. By examining one cell's complexity, Crick concluded it would be impossible for that cell to have evolved, even if one assumed the earth has been around for four and a half billion year Crick's conclusion is that there is no way evolution could of ever happened.  Despite more than seventy-five years of teaching that life came into being through evolution, Crick said that it could never have happened. Never.