Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb. 20 We are on TV !!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Whats Happening to my world?

I don't understand. I don't know what is happening to my world. Never in my life, and me being of sound mind and advanced age, have I seen this much ice and snow in TX.  Sure, we have had a couple days of snow and ice per year and we all squeal like piggies and delight in it but this is going on days.... and now its snowing. I haven't been out of my house since Tuesday and that became perilous on my way home that evening and since then here I am.  Paul's little car was trying to turn into the driveway yesterday and instead, it slid on down the road.  I mean, whats happening... and as I said...now its snowing.  I'm not sure if  TX can cope ...I mean seriously, they turned off our heat for 15 minutes every hour because of the stress of power usage and here I am in a cabin in the woods with a baby and my heat is being turned off.... its not like we have emergency back up things..  sigh.... and then, just coming back from LA and being on TV...and now snow and ice ... within 2 weeks I am on TV  and then catapulted into a world of snow...whats happening, is this the end?  :)
And I have basically used an entire huge bag of bird seed to feed the birds because they are hungry toooo... and the squirrels...there are a ton right on my deck... keeps the baby happy, sitting by the window looking at all the critters.  
Can't have a snow day without pizza.
Annah decided to make snow muffins.... I told her they would melt and turn into water but for some reason she was convinced she had seen it on tv...that you can bake snow and eat it.   So I decided that we shall make snow muffins.
Annah gets all ready with mismatched gloves and the jumbo muffin pan.

And she's off!
Scooping up snow and carefully arranging it into the pan.

Coming back
Lets bake!

Into the oven our snow muffins go

Annah is feeling cheated at this point. All that effort

And Wahlah!!!! Snow Muffins!

She refuses to be interviewed about her muffins melting.... not something she wants to admit....

Hope your having a warm and cozy day!!!!  :-)  
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and if you have a child who is learning to read, check out: ReadingEggs.Com .. love it!  We have tried lots of programs but this one is really fun!

And God bless you!  :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We will be on TV - AFV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how this all came about is that we sent in a video to 'America's Funniest Videos' and it was selected as one of the final 3 !!!!  We were flown to LA.... Manhattan Beach area... and stayed at the Marriott in a Suite!!! ...all expenses paid including food!!!!  We were there for 3 days, with a few hours of taping and it was a blast!  We spent the entire day on the beach...walked there from the hotel!!!   My gosh, okay. So my opinion of LA is that it was almost as much of a culture shock as Panama. Uhhuh.  The beach lifestyle... all the pretty manicured people and omgosh the dog walkers were fun to watch!  Just like on tv!  And the tree hugger, mother nature artsy places all up and down the streets... and doggy water bowls in front of the shops so the doggies could be refreshed... and the weather... oh the weather!!! We flew in from Dallas wearing sweaters and ended up in shorts and tees!  It was nice!  I hope you will watch us on ABC, Feb. 20th! I'm not allowed to divulge the outcome of our video place as there is a 1rst, 2cd and 3rd place win. Ours is the thermometer mix up one..... :)   
Annah jumping or is it flying on the bed!
Tiffany and Annah out by the pool...  must of been early morning because they are in sweaters.
 Just swinging by the beach !
Fun fun fun until she slipped and fell into the ocean! :)

So in the midst of wanting to go live in the jungle, instead we went to LA and lived in luxury for a few days. :) Is God fun or what??? 

Right before we left I had finished a book "Evidence Not Seen"...the story of Darlene Deibler Rose.... what fascinated me was that as she was a prisoner of war in a Japanese concentration camp.... and treated very harshly...starved.... she found a way to balance on the door handle of her caged area and she could stand just right balancing on one leg and be able to see out a tiny little hole to see the outside and breath the air.  One day she saw someone get a banana and she became obsessed with having a banana... she kept thinking about the taste of a banana, everything about  a banana and she was just longing for just one banana...she told God she just wanted one banana but she felt like it was not even possible to ask God for such a treat... that there just was no way he could even do it...couldn't provide that due to her circumstances. That day she was given some time in the prison area and she saw a man that she had briefly encountered when she was free and she remembered him to be friendly. She was just so refreshed and delighted to see him!  She was taken back to her cell and within moments the guard threw in a bunch of bananas from that man who asked they be given to her... she counted them all, 92 bananas!  She said she began to weep because she hadn't thought it was possible for God to give her one banana and he gave her 92. 
A friend of mine said "Well why didn't God just get her out instead".... well thats because there are boundaries that we live in within the spiritual realm of good and evil....she was a prisoner.... but God blessed her and loved her and showed her he saw her.  Really bad things can happen to us because we aren't in the part of the Bible where the Lamb and the lion are laying down together... we are still in a bloody war between good and evil and thats just how it is but expect to see blessings and miracles in the midst of even the worst of nightmares when you cling and hope in God.