Who'll Be in Heaven and Who Won't

If you were to not see the title of this book "Who'll Be in Heaven & Who Won't" you would feel inclined to think you are picking up another book that tells you  all good people go to Heaven. Perhaps another book along the lines of one of Rob Bell's reads..... But then, glancing at the Title you will surely realize he isn't saying ALL go to Heaven. The title clearly suggests it will enlighten you as to who goes to Heaven and who does not, which obviously and clearly eliminates some. But what is the Author saying when he is saying Muslims  might be there?  If you believe strictly in the Christian only Religion then this might cause you pause or concern to read it.
When I began reading it I could not easily put it down.
His points are very good. What Dwight Carlson communicates is that belief in God and honoring God is first, next, Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer and thirdly....LOVE...having love, kindness....goodness... a good heart. Being a joyful, kind hearted person. And he makes very good points that a person will be responsible for the information they have. He points out that he believe a person who has not heard of Christ nor had opportunity will not be punished to eternity of Hell like lets say Hitler ....that God is just, He is fair. He shows how the name Christians or Christianity has been damaged extensively in many countries and even our own Western World and that the point is not to push the religion of Christianity but preach and show Jesus Christ.
He points out its important to allow a person to have their culture. To not try and westernize.
Bottom line - Believe in the One True God, follow Jesus (if you have not been told about Jesus yet seek truth, seek to know God and ultimate truth and have kindness towards life you will encounter fairness and a Just God) and have Love, this is the way to Heaven.

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  1. So what did you think of the book? Did the author support his interpretation of scripture? Did you end up agreeing with his conclusions, or not? And why? What did you think about the writing?

    In short, how do you rate the book and why?