Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wedding Joy

This is me and my mom by the Oak tree my parents planted the day I came home from the hospital over 40 years ago in good ole Norman,Oklahoma. :)  And thats the house they built.  We drove up and asked the nice lady if we could pose in front of it and she allowed  the intrusion.We were in Norman for a wedding.

Tiffany and Winnie have been friends since they were 3. They really did not like each other at all for many years... Winnie thought Tiffany was mean and Tiffany thought Winnie was terribly boring.  Both grew up to be absolutely neither mean nor boring.  We were neighbors but, Wins family moved away much to both girls glee... about 3 years later, when they were 9, we moved into our current cabin... right next door, albeit acres away to their cabin.  Both girls boo hoo'd bitterly. They did not want to be forced to be friends just because Winnie's mom and myself were and are dear friends...but, as time had changed and boredom demanded time together they grew into very close friends and Tiffany was Winnie's Maid of Honor. It was a spectacular wedding but aren't all weddings?  I cried, my mom cried... everyone cried.  It was just so beautiful.  There were so many giggles coming from the dressing was just too cute.  
And at the Reception we had so much delightful fun and cherished the moments... because life rushes by us so fast. My mom, Tiffany and I drove up to Norman, stayed in a hotel and just enjoyed the time together. We have so much fun together, the three of us. I can't imagine things changing but they just do. 
So, is everyone done shopping?  Presents wrapped? 

The very purpose of Christ's coming into the world was that He might offer up His life as a sacrifice for the sins of men.  He came to die.  This is the heart of Christmas.
--Rev. Billy Graham

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catching Up & Up & Up... super easy gift ideas!!!!

  Hope everyone is finding joy and love in the beginnings of the Christmas holiday. :) 
Thank you for sticking with me and not canceling out of my blog due to the fact that I don't seem to get on here to often. I know its not so fun following a blog where the person doesn't update much. I have spurts of being on every day and then times of absences.  

Okay, so if your wunna my friends here locally, lookie what you will be getting for Christmas!
Although I am thinking I will make my own sugar cookie dough, freeze it and then wrap it in nice paper like this... has the dough recipe and all the instructions right here at Design Dazzle Blogspot.

I got a chuckle out of this one from but I probably won't actually give it to anyone:
And in the daily life, Annah got her first library card... I haven't settled down any at all... there were some diversions but, I'm still thinking that I want to be a Missionary when I grow up.Tiffany is going to college to be an International Adoptions Worker and she wants to live on 'that side' not this side... she wants to be the person who is at a particular orphanage or orphanages and be the one who helps match up and find homes etc.... which means she is going to not be living in the USA. She graduates December 2011...thats only a year away... Alan is in South America looks like my parents are going to have to bite the bullet and join the wagon because I think thats where we are all headed. There is a new base in Panama right in the heart of the jungle.... its possible that when I go visit Alan, Karmy and Elias in July that maybe I can stay at that base if they are in Panama and not Costa Rica.... they are discussing it. That would make me so happy. Then I could really get a feel for what I'm thinking I am wanting to do... and I continue to say "I" because Paul is still happy at work. :)  He is open after he retires but, as I always say...thats just tooooooooooooo far away.   Just think, someday you may click in here and find a picture of me in a hut! 
Annah's first Library card...  

"One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time." 
- John Piper