Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I bought this book at our local Library...they always have some bookshelves with books in it for sale and I am a fan of Susanna Wesley although I've never read her Bio and so Wahlah!   I have been reading it for a few days and then yesterday I just so happened to notice the front page had a name on it...

As I open the book I see that it belonged to my friend and otherwise affectionately known as my "Twinkie".... had owned the book.... how fun is that to open a book that you have been wanting to read and see that it was once read and loved by a dear friend?  To see a familiar name.  I was so tickled pink.  :-)  
So as I went to my Twinkies Blogspot to link her page to the word "Twinkie"... I see her title is the same as mine... isn't that even double fun?  :)  Thanks back Twinkie! :)
( of course I am assuming I am the twinkie she is writing about... maybe she has another twinkie friend.. LOL...I"m going to go ahead and assume I am assuming correctly. I'm over confident like that.)

So, life is certainly going on fast by.  Funny how it does that.
Big hugs and giant well wishes!  :)