Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Hello Hello Friends!

I've never believed in Fairy Tales but, then there I was at Universal Studios and Shrek and Fiona were right there. I mean, I gasped and took off running after them. I am not exaggerating, I ran until I caught up with them because they were changing locations. I didn't realize they weren't disappearing but just going to another place for photos so I ran as fast as I could yelling "Shrek, Shrek, Shreeekkkkk!!!!! When I caught up I was just simply giddy.  
The deal is that since we won the 10K on American's Funniest Home Videos we were flown back for the 100K show and so we decided to take a few extra days of vacation and enjoy California. 

My precious parents spent the vacation with us. They were just amazed at the roses in California. Even black roses! They were breathtaking.

I got kinda burned so, the next day was the taping of the Big 100K AFV show and they had cake on makeup upon my face. I was wearing a white dress... you can visualize the oompa loompa look.  This show had a brief interview.... we blew it.  I wonder if they will only keep in the things that make us look normal and edit out the rest?
On the trip we made a decision to cut back on Annah's sugar intake and so Paul bought her this. Serious and not kidding. :-)  

So hope you can watch us again May 8th on ABC 6 o'clock Central Time, America's Funniest Home Video.  Mothers Day. Everyone stay home and watch it with your Mothers. :)  

I haven't checked yet to see if I still have blog friends following me but, when I get back tonight I can't wait to come catch up with your blogs!

And to my friend who I've managed to carelessly lose along the journey of life, if your reading this, hope your happy and well. Miss talking to you. I miss you.
After all the glam, I'm happy to be home. It almost seems the weather is straight from the book of Revelations doesn't it?  I realize how important it is to keep my eyes where they are suppose to be. I don't want to be hit with disaster and not know where my God know Him and be known by Him. To know that no matter what happens I am safe in His sight and care. I want to always have that assurance and that nearness.  It doesn't always come easy. Sometimes I suddenly look around and find I've managed to get myself lost.  But I always know its just me thats lost, God knows exactly where I am. But my feelings can also dictate my faith so I know its vital to spend time with God in worship, prayer and listening.  Not a day should go by or begin without it. 

okay, I really gotta run!  :) 


  1. Can't wait to watch the show!

  2. Welcome back, Libby! We don't get the network, so be sure to give us an update. Congratulations on the $10k and good luck on the big one.

  3. Well, glad you are back! Hope you are the big winner!

  4. super cool! glad you had a fun trip!!

  5. Our Mother's Day plans have just changed. No way am I go to miss America's Funniest Home Video on Mat 8th.

    If you win the $100,000, you will probably be one of the riches families in Texas! Move over George Bush, Queen Libby is taken over Texas! And just think? I can tell all my friends you are my bloggy buddy :-)

  6. Love the pics. You always make me smile. Thanks for posting on my blog, was good to hear from you. Your final thoughts on this post are so true & such a blessing. Love you lots, love you eternally. Maybe one day we'll get to Texas, altho seems to be safer in Ohio right now. In Christ's Love Eternally.

  7. Ahhhhh!!! I am going to be out of the country on May 8th!! I'm so sad I will miss him, I'm not even home to record it!! Please let us know if you won!! Love the pictures from your trip!

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